Palinopsia (What’s Up with Eagle and Serpent?)


VR artwork - 2017 - 4 Minutes

In the site-specific virtual reality artwork Palinopsia (What’s Up with Eagle and Serpent?) artist Michael Joo and filmmaker Gary Hustwit shifted time and immersed the viewer in a past encounter between two animals inside the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York. Palinopsia is the term for a visual disturbance that causes images to persist even after their corresponding stimulus is gone.

Using 3D VR video and disruptions to the stereoscopic field, the piece challenges our perception of time, physical space, and our relationship to and expectations of what is "natural." Palinopsia (What’s Up with Eagle and Serpent?) was part of the group show "Naturalia", organized by Paul Kasmin Gallery and Sotheby's and by curated by Danny Moynihan. The exhibit was on view January 19th to March 4th, 2017.